We are happy to confirm that we have been using Calex shower flow regulators and sink aerators since July 2007 here in our hotel, the Le Meridien Stuttgart.
Since using the products we have noticed significant savings of water in the hotel guest rooms.
The water flow rates of the guest room showers have been reduced from 17l / minute to 12l/ minute. Not only have we been able to save water but we have also noticed that the water pressure in the entire building is now dispersed more evenly, meaning that every shower now has the same flow rate and every hotel room is provided with the same level of water pressure.
In our case we have had a return of investment of merely 2 months.
We had no problems or product malfunctions since using the Calex products and are still very pleased to be using products supplied by Calex. We therefore are happy to recommend the Calex water saving systems.

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