EGY-Energy Environmental
Using easy to install retrofit products, EGY-Energy provides customized energy, water and waste management products and solutions. We tailor the most cost effective and sustainable strategies and measures to your needs, helping you cut your costs, and save the environment.

EGY-Energy has partnered with international leaders to drastically reduce your negative footprint on the environment while simultaneously improving your cash flow.


EGY-Energy Healthy Imports

EGY-Energy is an importer and distributor of healthy foods and drinks in Egypt. Our coverage includes most large and small accounts in Alexandria, Cairo, Siwa, Mansoura, Sharm El Sheik, and more.


With decades of experience and presence in an international market, our European and American partners have been manufacturing retrofit products to help organizations reduce operating costs and become more sustainable in no time. Utilizing both their products and their unique technological capabilities, EGY-Energy implements the optimal energy, water, and waste management solution which results in major cost savings for your organization.

EGY-Energy guarantees you a more sustainable organization with reduced water and electrical consumption, and a quick payback. Starts saving up to 70% of your consumption with EGY-Energy.

Don't go green, let green come to you.

  • Professional Consultation.
  • Detailed Energy Conservation Measures (Benefits, Cost, and ROI).
  • Advanced and Reliable Installation.
  • Proper Pre-scheduled Maintenances when necessary.
  • Product Warranty of 1 year following a full return on investment is realized.
  • Prompt Spare Part Delivery when necessary.
  • Outstanding Customer Service throughout.
  • Guaranteed products that payback for themselves in no time—and keep making money on a daily basis.


Environmentally Friendly Products:

European and American designed, and manufactured with extensive reliability (Germany, France, England, USA).

Reliable Product Usage:

Warranties that outlast payback period.

Optimal Conservation Strategies:

Protection against the rapidly rising prices of electricity and water while saving money and increasing efficiency.

  • Benefit from an advanced product mix.
  • Reduce your costs.
  • Increase your profitability.
  • Boost your competitiveness.
  • Safeguard against electricity & water's rapidly rising prices.
  • Save the environment.

Le Meridien is a global hotel chain consisting of more than 120 luxurious and high class hotels in over 50 countries. Most of the hotels are located in the popular and vibrant cities and resorts all over Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Asian-Pacific region and America..

Le Meridien

Owner and Managing Director: Eng. Mohamed Mousaad

Address: El Kabary Road, Moroor El Ogra, Alexandria, Egypt.