Dena Aloe

The Drink:

Dena Aloe™ combines the endless health benefits of the Aloe Vera plant in a refresh-ing, crisp drink.
Made of All Natural Ingredients, with no artificial colors and flavors; It's the ultimate way to stay fit while nourishing your entire body.

The Brand:

Dena Aloe™ is a Canadian brand famous for manufacturing the first mainstream Aloe Vera drink for North America.
Dena Aloe™ had been present in the Canadian market since 2004, and expanded into California in 2006.
Their manufacturing facility is lo-cated in South Korea, where the miracle Aloe Vera Plant is harvested.

Due to their use of highest quality ingredients, Dena Aloe™ is the best tasting and best selling Aloe Vera Drink in its target cities, with over 3 million bottles consumed per year only in Los Angeles, Vancouver, and Toronto.

Our Clients:

On the Run, Emarat Misr, Bonjour, Shell Shop, Metro Market, Carrefour, Seoudi Markets, DINA Farms, Quick 24/7, Zahran Markets, Fathalla Markets, COSTA Coffee, Café Surpreme, Duppio Zero, Coffee Shop Company, TBS Bakery, Abu Ashara, Best Way, Marriot Hotel and Casino, Savoy Hotels, and more.

Introducing Aloe Dena

INTRODUCING: Aloe Delivery to your door step at whole sale price.

Minimum order 1 box (20 bottles)

To order or for additional information please call: 01221002835

Thank you very much

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Owner and Managing Director: Eng. Mohamed Mousaad

Address: El Kabary Road, Moroor El Ogra, Alexandria, Egypt.