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Water Saving Partner

Water Saving Partner

Energy Saving Partner

Energy Saving Partner

Our solutions are composed of simple retrofit products from our German partners, ENERGEX Gmbh and CALEX, who specialize at saving energy and water, respectively, for various industries and blue-chip companies world-wide.

In other words without heavy duty work, major expenses or downtime, you will be able to reduce consumption and save money while saving the environment.


Energex Guarantees:
  • Retrofit products that take minutes to install and payback for themselves.
  • Very simple or no maintenance required in most cases.
  • Reliable warranty that exceeds payback period.
  • Protection against the rapidly rising prices of electricity and water.
  • Environmentally friendly products.

Owner and Managing Director: Eng. Mohamed Mousaad

Address: El Kabary Road, Moroor El Ogra, Alexandria, Egypt.